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I’m Jacob Ruranski.
A 4th year CS student / Indie iOS developer since 2015
Take a look at my work

My portfolio of iOS apps

Every application showcased below is a product of my individual design and development efforts, and each one has been published to the Apple App Store.

New and improved Habit & Routine Planner


Created 100% in SwiftUI it is a whole new take on a Routine and Habit tracker. With beautiful design, animation and UX that received praise even from the engineers at Apple. Designed for the entire Apple ecosystem – Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch – the app ensures flawless synchronization across devices via CloudKit.

New and improved Habit & Routine Planner

Awakee Routine

The original - created using UIKit and Swift it was one of the first apps of its kind on the App Store. This innovation was recognised by Apple, leading to multiple global features of the app!

Want to get the most out of your morning? Just tell awake when you need to leave the house and what you need to do before heading out the door. The app then builds your ideal morning schedule and wake up call, so you'll have time for meditation, breakfast and a spot of reading. Adapt to suit your on weekdays, weekends and more.

Today Page, Apple Editorial, United Kingdom

ProREC Camera Recording

This innovative app was among the first on the App Store to allow users to adjust camera recording properties directly within the app, bypassing the need to dive into settings. It incorporated manual exposure and aperture control, offering both a tremendous learning opportunity and a satisfying technical challenge. It relied heavily on AVFoundation and Swift.

ELLIS - ToDo List & Timeblocking

This project provided a rich learning opportunity as it was developed using the then-new Swift language, which succeeded Objective-C. I also gained proficiency with Objective-C, necessary for utilizing EventKit to synchronize with users' calendars. This blend of old and new technologies sharpened my versatility as a developer.